Dream Stalker by Jenna Kernan

First, the horribly truncated summary: Half-Bear-Man steals woman via tornado to cure evil infection.

Next vehicle I get, I’m naming it Tornado. I can’t keep the inside of a car neat.

Paranormal romance meets Native American myth.

I should share this story first. I received this book via Goodreads First Reads, as well as the other three books in this series. I tried to get into the first book, but couldn’t because it’s in paper format.

Don’t look at me like that. I’ve grown attached to the Kindle.

Anyway, to remedy this, I decided to see if the library had a digital copy of the books. It did not, but the parent company Overdrive did, so I ordered the books for the library. The books come in, I select the first one… and I’m already on the waitlist. Yay for indirectly spreading the books to new readers. That, coupled with my penchant for not getting reviews out lately (sorry!), means that this book took a while to review.

As for the book itself, I liked it. I didn’t love it or think I should write home about it, but I was entertained with a good romance.

I am also seeing a pattern in romance books, now that I’m reading more of them. All male leads are tall. Obscenely tall. Over-the-top tall. “Nearly seven feet tall” in this case. I find this hilarious because my husband is 6’3”. He fears ceiling fans and historical buildings. My mother’s office doorway nearly took him out once. Legroom is more than a selling point and cheap airplane tickets are a nightmare. I can’t imagine a man being taller and comfortable. However, height translates into shoe size and shoe size translates into pleasure (apparently), so we accept that our male will always be tall and move on.

Michaela Proud, a modern day Lakota woman, is suffering from bad dreams ever since her near-death experience. Still recovering from the death of her mother, she goes outside to pick blueberries and get over the sense that someone is watching her. A possessed bear attacks and wounds her, but she is saved by Sebastian, our shape shifter. Her wound is infected spiritually and threatening her soul, so he takes her away to mend it while trying to figure out why the spirits want her dead in the first place.

The rest of the book is him keeping his nature away from her while they figure out the mystery. Oh, and sex. And travel via Thunderbird tornado. And other types of shape shifters.

Good stuff.